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  • Rubber Block

    760 w x 200 x 125 ht x 17 kg
  • Galvanized Temporary Steel Fence in Dubai – Alton Fencing

    RAL 9002 : off White Description Galvanized Temporary fence (Panel Type) for construction sites as per DM approved. Economical for pocket. Available in all colors Material Specifications (Regular) GI (PANEL TYPE) FENCE FOR PROJECT:- Fabrication & supply of GI Fencing includes RCC Blocks ■ Fence will be .32mm corrugated profile sheet- 35/200 ■ Pipe will be 42 mm OD G.I- 1.1mm (T) ■ U Channel- 40x40x40mm- 1.1mm (T) ■ Fence color off white- (RAL 9002) [Optional : PCC Blocks – 600x400x200 mm each every 2.18 mtr CC.w/o Hook] ■ Clamp- G.I Standard clamp ■ Support Pipe (L)- 170cm ■ Fence (H) 2mtr.x 2.18(W)- clamp to clamp ■ Fence height from ground level 2.2mtr incl bocks Customize your product:

    RAL 9002 Description Galvanized Temporary fence (Continuous Type) for construction sites as per DM approved. Available in all colors (Good for branding also). Material Specifications.(Regular) CONTINUOUS GI FENCE FOR PROJECT: Fabrication & supply of CONTINUOUS GI  FENCE  includes RCC Blocks ■ Fence will be .40mm corrugated profile sheet. 9002 color ■ Pipe will be 48 mm OD G.I- 2mm (T) front and back ■ U Channel- 40x40x40mm- 1.2mm (T) ■ Fence color off white- (Ral 9002) ■ [Optional: RCC Blocks – 600x400x300 mm each every 2.44 mtr CC.] ■ Clamp & Coupler - G.I Standard. ■ back Support Pipe (L)- 2 mtr & 1.20 mtr - ■ Fence 2 meter Height & from ground 2.30 mtr incl bocks

    RAL 6005 Description Anti Climb/High Security fence specially for high security or public prohibited entrance areas like Borders, Plants. Government high security projects etc. Material Specifications.(Regular) Anti-Climb Fence:- Fabrication and supply of Anti Climb Fence Mesh Include Foundation. ■ Mesh size 76.2 × 12.7mm × 4.0mm Dia after powder coating Mesh. ■ Fence panel size: 2150mm (w) × 2500mm (h) panel height. ■ Post 2500, 60 x 2.5mm (T) ■ Surface: Galvanized+ powder coating (RAL 6005 Green or RAL 9005 Black). ■ 5 clips (Thickness 2.6mm) ■ Bolts 8mm ■ 1 welded floor plate thickness 8.0mm ■[Optional: Foundation: 60x40x40cm] Customize your product:
  • Welded Mesh Fence in Dubai

    RAL 6005 Description Beautiful and strong fence. Mainly use for playgrounds, parks, Farms, Buildings, High-security areas and sites. Material Specifications.(Regular) WELDED MESH FENCE FOR PROJECT:- ■ Fabrication & supply of Welded Mesh Fence ■ Size: 2200mm(W) X 2000mm(H) ■ Hole size :50 X 200mm ■ Wire Dia.: 4mm ( After coated) ■ Post: 50 X 50 X 2mm(T) X 2500mm(H), with underground 500mm ■ Surface : Galvanized + Green powder coated [Optional: Foundation: 60x30x 30cm x 2.2mtr CC] ■ Exclude excavation for foundation.

    RAL Paint FInish Colors

    Any RAL Color
  • Chain Link Fence in Dubai

    RAL 6005 Description Beautiful and strong fence. Mainly use for playgrounds, parks, Deserts, Farms, Buildings, High-security areas and sites. Material Specifications. (Regular) PVC - CHAIN LINK FENCE FOR PROJECT:- PVC CHAINLINK FENCING 2.2/3.2mm x 50X50mm fence color RAL 6005 ■ Fence height 2 mtr ■ LINE WIRE – 3.55/4mm Dia 5 rows- Top row with double wire ■ STIRRUP WIRE - 2.50/3.55 mm DIA. ■ TIE WIRE- 1.40/2.00 mm DIA ■ INTERMEDIATE POST 60mm OD (2mm THK) MS PIPE @ EVERY 3 MT C/C ■ STRAINING POST 76mm OD (2mm THK) MS PIPE WITH 2 NOS. @ EVERY 45 MT C/C ■ CORNER POST 76mm OD (2mm THK) MS PIPE @ EVERY CORNER ■ END POST 76mm OD (2mm THK) MS PIPE ■ All posts NC paint finish Green color RAL 6005. [Optional:  Foundation size 60 x 30 x 30 x3mtr cc exclude excavation for foundation]
  • Heras Fence Barrier

    RAL 9006 Description Moveable fence easy to install and remove, Good for event organization and expo’s to control the crowd. Also helpful to do branding. Material Specifications.(Regular) HERAS FENCE FOR PROJECT:- ■ Fabrication & supply of Heras Fence. ■ Surface: Hot Dip Galvanized + Silver ■ Fence Color RAL 9006 ■ Mesh opening :100 X 50mm ■ Wire Di.: Horizontal :4mm, Vertical: 3mm ■ Frame Pipe: Horizontal : 32X1mm(T) ■ Back support 2m x 42 OD x 1.1mm ■ Clamp Standard 3mm [Optional : PCC Foundation 600 x 200 x 200mm x 3.5mtr CC] ■ Size: 3500mm(W) X 2000mm(H) ■ (From ground fence height is 2.20mtr including blocks)
  • Pvc Eco Fence

    RAL:White Description Eco-Friendly and strong fence. Beautiful in look, perfect for branding. Specially made for high profile projects keeping in view of UAE weather. Material Specifications. (Regular) PVC - ECO HOARDING FOR PROJECT:- ■ Supply of PVC –Eco hoarding ■ Off-white flat Panel hoarding 2.4mtr (h) x 0.5 mtr (w) - 2 Pcs / mtr *Minimum order quantity should be 100LM [Additional : Foundation size: 1000 x 600 x 600mm at 2.5mtr cc Pipe height 48OD : Main Support/ Back support / Runners Clips / Couplers for fixing] - as per Client requirement.
  • Steel Structure/construction Signboard

    as per approved design from Client:  Signage Aluminum Sign with Sticker  - Include Signage +Back Support + Base Plate + Anchor Bolt +Paint  + Pipe Frame and all necessary materials with epoxy paint finish. - Sign board containing Project Perspective, Building Permit No., Plot No., Project Name, Client Name, Consultant, Contractor, Sub-Contractor Name (or as per approved design) - Size: As per Approved Design - Include Delivery  (Exclude Crane / Exclude Foundation)
  • Aluminum Fence in Dubai

    Aluminum fence with Customer Supplied design - [Price varies as per the design] At ALTON® Group, you can find a variety of aluminum fence and cast iron fencing designs that will give your home or property the ideal finishing touch.
  • Fence Branding

    Printing of High-Resolution PVC Banner with High Quality Ink Digital Print with Top and Bottom fixing by Rivet on hoarding.
  • METAL BARRIER (Heavy Duty)

    NC Paint Finish Colors

    NC Paint Finish Colors

    Car Parking Shade Fabrication and supply of car parking shade with steel structure and foundation. Description -PVC fabric (Color Beige). - Size of shed: 2.7 x 5.0mtr (for each car) Height:2.40mtr from ground level [Standard] - PVC fabric- steel section + epoxy coating + Base plate + Column + Arc members + Pipe + anchor bolts + Horizontal members - Exclude Foundation
  • Fence Block

    60 x 40 x 20 CM x 115 KG
  • Solid Block / Building Block

    60X40X40 CM X 230 KG

    Available 42od / 48 od x 1 to 2 mm thick

    Regular Clamp

    Double Coupler
  • CLIP

  • Interlock ZigZag Block

    40X40X40CM X 153 KG

About Company

ALTON GROUP - Fencing Suppliers in Dubai

ALTON® Group is one of the most popular & trusted name in the Construction industry for Fencing, Steel Fabrication, Concrete Blocks, Fence Branding, Construction signages or Advertising, since our journey started in the year 1998 from Middle East.

Our products are manufactured in strategically located, purpose-built factories in the cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in United Arab Emirates. We distribute globally to a host of countries. Our factory and processes are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 standards and we are registered as an ICV certified Supplier.

In addition to fencing, we specialize in security fence solutions that provide optimal protection for your property. We offer a wide range of fencing options, including chain link, cast iron, aluminum, and more, designed to meet your specific needs. At ALTON® Group, we are committed to delivering high-quality security fencing solutions that provide peace of mind to our clients.


Clients Testimonials

  • Over the past 6 years, Alton Group of Companies have successfully carried out various fence & signboard projects. Alton Group of Companies are a highly professional firm as a fence contractor for which we recommend with confidence. They have provided an excellent service in the past and we will continue subcontracting them for our future projects.
    NSCC International
    Engineering Services
  • “We are currently engaged with Alton Fencing & Steel LLC for one Ministry of Education's project. Working with Alton Group is (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. It's been a pleasure with Alton team as well. We do appreciate their professionalism and dedication to work. I wish you good luck and success in your future endeavor.”
    Renil Nalawangsa
    B2B Head

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