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Fence Supply & branding

Fence supply and branding on the fence is one of our special services. We have our in-house printing and installation facility and team to do branding on the fence.


We do have installation facility in all over UAE for all kind of fences. Rectification of the fences also available as per terms and conditions.


We can deliver the fence in a short time in any location in UAE. We can provide full services from fence fabrication to supply and installation.

Fence Shifting

Fence shifting facility is provided as per the requirement. Terms and conditions applied.

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  • Rubber Block

    760 w x 200 x 125 ht x 17 kg
  • Galvanized Temporary Steel Fence in Dubai – Alton Fencing

    RAL 9002 : off White Description Galvanized Temporary fence (Panel Type) for construction sites as per DM approved. Economical for pocket. Available in all colors Material Specifications (Regular) GI (PANEL TYPE) FENCE FOR PROJECT:- Fabrication & supply of GI Fencing includes RCC Blocks ■ Fence will be .32mm corrugated profile sheet- 35/200 ■ Pipe will be 42 mm OD G.I- 1.1mm (T) ■ U Channel- 40x40x40mm- 1.1mm (T) ■ Fence color off white- (RAL 9002) [Optional : PCC Blocks – 600x400x200 mm each every 2.18 mtr CC.w/o Hook] ■ Clamp- G.I Standard clamp ■ Support Pipe (L)- 170cm ■ Fence (H) 2mtr.x 2.18(W)- clamp to clamp ■ Fence height from ground level 2.2mtr incl bocks Customize your product:

    RAL 9002 Description Galvanized Temporary fence (Continuous Type) for construction sites as per DM approved. Available in all colors (Good for branding also). Material Specifications.(Regular) CONTINUOUS GI FENCE FOR PROJECT: Fabrication & supply of CONTINUOUS GI  FENCE  includes RCC Blocks ■ Fence will be .40mm corrugated profile sheet. 9002 color ■ Pipe will be 48 mm OD G.I- 2mm (T) front and back ■ U Channel- 40x40x40mm- 1.2mm (T) ■ Fence color off white- (Ral 9002) ■ [Optional: RCC Blocks – 600x400x300 mm each every 2.44 mtr CC.] ■ Clamp & Coupler - G.I Standard. ■ back Support Pipe (L)- 2 mtr & 1.20 mtr - ■ Fence 2 meter Height & from ground 2.30 mtr incl bocks

    RAL 6005 Description Anti Climb/High Security fence specially for high security or public prohibited entrance areas like Borders, Plants. Government high security projects etc. Material Specifications.(Regular) Anti-Climb Fence:- Fabrication and supply of Anti Climb Fence Mesh Include Foundation. ■ Mesh size 76.2 × 12.7mm × 4.0mm Dia after powder coating Mesh. ■ Fence panel size: 2150mm (w) × 2500mm (h) panel height. ■ Post 2500, 60 x 2.5mm (T) ■ Surface: Galvanized+ powder coating (RAL 6005 Green or RAL 9005 Black). ■ 5 clips (Thickness 2.6mm) ■ Bolts 8mm ■ 1 welded floor plate thickness 8.0mm ■[Optional: Foundation: 60x40x40cm] Customize your product:
  • Welded Mesh Fence in Dubai

    RAL 6005 Description Beautiful and strong fence. Mainly use for playgrounds, parks, Farms, Buildings, High-security areas and sites. Material Specifications.(Regular) WELDED MESH FENCE FOR PROJECT:- ■ Fabrication & supply of Welded Mesh Fence ■ Size: 2200mm(W) X 2000mm(H) ■ Hole size :50 X 200mm ■ Wire Dia.: 4mm ( After coated) ■ Post: 50 X 50 X 2mm(T) X 2500mm(H), with underground 500mm ■ Surface : Galvanized + Green powder coated [Optional: Foundation: 60x30x 30cm x 2.2mtr CC] ■ Exclude excavation for foundation.
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